Touch screen acting up and not working properly

I’ve been having a problem with my touch screen for a long time. Cause I couldn’t find the problem exactly (software or hardware), I didn’t send it to any service. And I was trying to fix it but then I realized that it’s a hardware problem.

The problem : Touch screen acting up, any side of touch screen is not working

What Can You Try : Firstly, you can calibrate your touch screen. Search on any search engine on how to calibrate your touch screen. For instance, in HTC Desire HD follow the steps:

Go to “Menu”
Select “Settings”
Select “Language & keyboard”
Select “Touch Input”
Select “Text input”
Select “Reset calibration”

İf it didn’t work try to format your phone. Be sure that you backed up your data before formatting your phone. Check here also if you think that it’s a software issue. I’ve tried most of these but none of them worked for me. Continue reading

What Do I Deserve?

“What Do I Deserve” in this world? This is a question that I’ve been keeping my head busy with for a long time and hasn’t left it without finding an answer. I’ve been thinking about this recently and have been trying to find answers to it. Actually the answer to this question is quite simple but at the same time also hard. Why simple? Or why hard? Because the answer is “everything” and I cannot own/have everything. Why would I even ask for something like that?

There’s a lot of people in this world, and if all these people don’t want “everything” they at least want “most of the things”. This question has also a simple answer because I deserve this. Because me and you, we are valuable. Because we deserve; seeing places that garnish our dreams, hearing what we want to hear, eating what we want to eat, scenting what we want to scent and doing whatever comes to our mind. I can’t tell that we didn’t come to this world to have fun, but I can tell that we didn’t come here to feel pain…and I’m sure on that. So what is the answer? Why aren’t we living the way we want to? Or is someone able or if it isnt able to live like that?

Is it the thing that we werent owning? What goes through our mind? Could it be money?
That time these things are messing with my mind. Do people have to love money? Or do they have to hate it? In conclusion I can say that if I hate money, the hate is because I don’t have it. Or if I love money it’s because I have money. From this comes a conclusion: the questions “how do I have money?” and “how do I get what I deserve?” are equal questions. And this questioning causes that the most unvaluable thing in this world becomes valuable.

@Anila has translated my another old blog post “Neyi Hak Ediyorum?”. I really appreciate her for this gift.

Love is not

People always ask what love is and why we fall in love. I really have no idea what it actually is, maybe it’s biological or maybe it’s the most fascinating thing that occurs in our lifes. Because of the complexity in the definition of love, instead of what it is I’ll try to answer what it’s not from my own experiences.

Love is not a quest. Some people believe that they can find love. No it’s not true.  Don’t search for it.

Love is not escaping from loneliness. So, if you’re tired of being lonely, and looking for someone to love. Don’t.

Love is not about being jealous. There’s a lot of reasons to be jealous. If someone is jealous about you or vice versa, this doesn’t mean that you’re in love.

Love is not a systematic thing. We can’t organize anything.

I can continue but roughly I can can say ;

Love has no reason. If we have a reason than it’s not love.

 Thanks for corrections @Anila 

Waiting for Death

Life; the most valuable thing we own. And death, the name of absence… Disappearance of awarness and annihilation of our egos. These two concepts take us from bad to good, fear to fearlessness and purpose to pourposelessness. Every single day we are experiencing good and bad things. We are living like we will never die. Then we are getting older and older and putting our mood to expectancy. But this is not an ordinary expectancy. This expectancy is not for wasting the time, it’s for stopping the time.

What are we afraid of though? What makes living so valuable? The loved ones? Or our own selves? Or none of these. Maybe living was just “sweet”, the ability to feel was beatifull, and simply existing was great. But not being is not like that. Since we derive from nonexistance we know really well what it means to not exist. From my opinion, what frightens us is not death or the act of dying. It’s not absence. What frightens us is not being able “to be”. Yes, because “being” was great.

- I’ve translated my old blog post Olumu Beklemek with my friend’s helps. Thank you Anila!

Lucy (2014)

Lucy is the new science-fiction film directed by Luc Besson. After my friends’ suggestion I’ve decided to watch it today, and after I started to watch the movie I figured out that the main subject of the film was the ‘Ten percent of brain myth’. As you can guess, the film is trying to answer the question ‘What it would be like if we use 100% percent of our brain’. I’m sure nowadays a lot of people believe this myth. Of course I’m aware that it’s a science-fiction movie, but how do we control everything around us if we use 100% of our brains. Or why do we need to control? I think that’s the thing that makes the film “bad” on from own viewpoint. Evolution is a natural process so it needs a lot of time to produce something. Ok, it’s a fiction, drug accelerated the process and gave the superpower to Lucy as a result she obtained ‘telepathy’ and ‘psychokinesis’ abilites. She reached the stars, made her own computer and so on. All these don’t seem different. These things have always been interesting for humans and that’s why the movie can’t answer the question properly. Indeed, it’s not easy to answer to that question. I don’t have an idea what if it would be like (if it was true). But I’m sure it will be not like as in the movie. Or, as a conclusion I can say we can’t make a prediction what it would be like if we use 100% of our brain while we are already using 100% of it.

Sources :

I would like to thanks to my friend Anila for her corrections on this post.


Comparing new Oldboy movie with the old one

I’m not sure how much films I’ve watched but I believe that there’s too much. Of course there’s a lot of good films but when it comes to best ‘scenario’ Oldboy always has been special for me. Holywood version of Oldboy came to theaters on 2013 but I’ve decided to watch it today. I’m not being able to compare films with details, but I have to say that new one is worst. And I suggest you to watch the old one if you didn’t see the movie, if you did then you can try to watch the Holywood version –before doing that check the reviews on the IMDB page– .

One quote from Quora :

Actually I haven’t seen the Hollywood version of the movie, and never will! The angry reviews on imdb is enough proof for me that this is a movie that should never been made! The original South Korean movie is such a masterpiece that even thinking about a remake is silly. People should see the original one, end of story.

Compare the fight scenes in this video, what makes the old one better?  



Career Aptitude Test

I was reading the blog post on Lifehacker about finding the career path and I found this test. From Lifehacker;

Most of us have a variety of skills and interests, which makes choosing a career path tricky. Rasmussen College’s free online career aptitude test lets you rank your skills or interests and then suggests matching careers.

It’s less of a “test,” really, than it is a simple tool. Adjust the sliders and the results will rank occupations based on your particular mix. The downside is that your skills are self-reported, rather than tested through actual aptitude tests as some other career assessments tests do. However, it takes into consideration not just your skills but also interests, and suggestions are based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Take the Career Aptitude Test | Rasmussen College

I’v adjusted the sliders based on my skills, interests and the result is look like :




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