This year is going to be my last year on Physics class. So I’m searcing for master educations in Europe.
But of course, the most important question for me is which countries has low tuition fees ? has a good information about the universities and there’s a panel that you can ask question(s). I asked for low tuition fees countries,

Hi,I’m a Physics student at Turkey. Next year it’s my last year.For this reason I’ve started to look some master degree programs on Physics and Computer Science. Do you have any suggestions for those fields? I know it depends, but what is the lowest average money needful for a month?

Erbil Silik

Dear Erbil,
You’re right, it depends on the university and the program you’re applying for. I would recommend to take a look at the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia and Denmark. The first three have quite low tuition fees for the international students and good quality programs.
— Sincerely, Katrin from Dream Foundation
Which one you prefer?

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