Comparing new Oldboy movie with the old one

I’m not sure how much films I’ve watched but I believe that there’s too much. Of course there’s a lot of good films but when it comes to best ‘scenario’ Oldboy always has been special for me. Holywood version of Oldboy came to theaters on 2013 but I’ve decided to watch it today. I’m not being able to compare films with details, but I have to say that new one is worst. And I suggest you to watch the old one if you didn’t see the movie, if you did then you can try to watch the Holywood version –before doing that check the reviews on the IMDB page– .

One quote from Quora :

Actually I haven’t seen the Hollywood version of the movie, and never will! The angry reviews on imdb is enough proof for me that this is a movie that should never been made! The original South Korean movie is such a masterpiece that even thinking about a remake is silly. People should see the original one, end of story.

Compare the fight scenes in this video, what makes the old one better?  




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