Lucy (2014)

Lucy is the new science-fiction film directed by Luc Besson. After my friends’ suggestion I’ve decided to watch it today, and after I started to watch the movie I figured out that the main subject of the film was the ‘Ten percent of brain myth’. As you can guess, the film is trying to answer the question ‘What it would be like if we use 100% percent of our brain’. I’m sure nowadays a lot of people believe this myth. Of course I’m aware that it’s a science-fiction movie, but how do we control everything around us if we use 100% of our brains. Or why do we need to control? I think that’s the thing that makes the film “bad” on from own viewpoint. Evolution is a natural process so it needs a lot of time to produce something. Ok, it’s a fiction, drug accelerated the process and gave the superpower to Lucy as a result she obtained ‘telepathy’ and ‘psychokinesis’ abilites. She reached the stars, made her own computer and so on. All these don’t seem different. These things have always been interesting for humans and that’s why the movie can’t answer the question properly. Indeed, it’s not easy to answer to that question. I don’t have an idea what if it would be like (if it was true). But I’m sure it will be not like as in the movie. Or, as a conclusion I can say we can’t make a prediction what it would be like if we use 100% of our brain while we are already using 100% of it.

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I would like to thanks to my friend Anila for her corrections on this post.



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