Waiting for Death

Life; the most valuable thing we own. And death, the name of absence… Disappearance of awarness and annihilation of our egos. These two concepts take us from bad to good, fear to fearlessness and purpose to pourposelessness. Every single day we are experiencing good and bad things. We are living like we will never die. Then we are getting older and older and putting our mood to expectancy. But this is not an ordinary expectancy. This expectancy is not for wasting the time, it’s for stopping the time.

What are we afraid of though? What makes living so valuable? The loved ones? Or our own selves? Or none of these. Maybe living was just “sweet”, the ability to feel was beatifull, and simply existing was great. But not being is not like that. Since we derive from nonexistance we know really well what it means to not exist. From my opinion, what frightens us is not death or the act of dying. It’s not absence. What frightens us is not being able “to be”. Yes, because “being” was great.

– I’ve translated my old blog post Olumu Beklemek with my friend’s helps. Thank you Anila!


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