Love is not

People always ask what love is and why we fall in love. I really have no idea what it actually is, maybe it’s biological or maybe it’s the most fascinating thing that occurs in our lifes. Because of the complexity in the definition of love, instead of what it is I’ll try to answer what it’s not from my own experiences.

Love is not a quest. Some people believe that they can find love. No it’s not true.  Don’t search for it.

Love is not escaping from loneliness. So, if you’re tired of being lonely, and looking for someone to love. Don’t.

Love is not about being jealous. There’s a lot of reasons to be jealous. If someone is jealous about you or vice versa, this doesn’t mean that you’re in love.

Love is not a systematic thing. We can’t organize anything.

I can continue but roughly I can can say ;

Love has no reason. If we have a reason than it’s not love.

 Thanks for corrections @Anila 


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