What Do I Deserve?

“What Do I Deserve” in this world? This is a question that I’ve been keeping my head busy with for a long time and hasn’t left it without finding an answer. I’ve been thinking about this recently and have been trying to find answers to it. Actually the answer to this question is quite simple but at the same time also hard. Why simple? Or why hard? Because the answer is “everything” and I cannot own/have everything. Why would I even ask for something like that?

There’s a lot of people in this world, and if all these people don’t want “everything” they at least want “most of the things”. This question has also a simple answer because I deserve this. Because me and you, we are valuable. Because we deserve; seeing places that garnish our dreams, hearing what we want to hear, eating what we want to eat, scenting what we want to scent and doing whatever comes to our mind. I can’t tell that we didn’t come to this world to have fun, but I can tell that we didn’t come here to feel pain…and I’m sure on that. So what is the answer? Why aren’t we living the way we want to? Or is someone able or if it isnt able to live like that?

Is it the thing that we werent owning? What goes through our mind? Could it be money?
That time these things are messing with my mind. Do people have to love money? Or do they have to hate it? In conclusion I can say that if I hate money, the hate is because I don’t have it. Or if I love money it’s because I have money. From this comes a conclusion: the questions “how do I have money?” and “how do I get what I deserve?” are equal questions. And this questioning causes that the most unvaluable thing in this world becomes valuable.

@Anila has translated my another old blog post “Neyi Hak Ediyorum?”. I really appreciate her for this gift.